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217 beach & sport sunscreens meet EWG's criteria

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100% Pure (1 products)

Adorable Baby (2 products)

Alba Botanica (4 products)

All Terrain (6 products)

Allure (1 products)

Arbonne (1 products)

Aubrey Organics (3 products)

Ava Anderson NonToxic (2 products)

Babo Botanicals (4 products)

Baby Pibu (1 products)

Babyganics (2 products)

babyhampton (2 products)

Babytime! by Episencial (1 products)

Badger (10 products)

Bare Belly Organics (6 products)

Beautycounter (1 products)

Belli (1 products)

Belly Buttons & Babies (1 products)

Beyond Coastal (6 products)

Biosolis (4 products)

Block Island Organics (4 products)

Blue Lizard (3 products)

Bull Frog (1 products)

BurnOut (4 products)

Burt's Bees (1 products)

Butterbean (3 products)

California Baby (7 products)

California Naturel (1 products)

Celadon Road (3 products)

Consonant Skincare (1 products)

COOLA (2 products)

Coral Safe (1 products)

CoTZ (5 products)

CyberDERM (1 products)

derma e (2 products)

DHC (1 products)

Dr. Mercola (3 products)

Earth's Best (1 products)

Elemental Herbs (4 products)

EltaMD (2 products)

Goddess Garden (6 products)

Grahams Natural Alternatives (1 products)

HeadHunter (1 products)

Jan Marini (1 products)

Jason Natural Cosmetics (1 products)

Jersey Shore Sun (3 products)


Juice Beauty (1 products)

Just Skin Food (1 products)

KINeSYS (1 products)

La Roche-Posay (2 products)

Lavanila (1 products)

Lemongrass Spa (1 products)

Loving Naturals (2 products)

Luzern Laboratories (1 products)

MD Moms (1 products)

MD Skincare (1 products)

MDSolarSciences (4 products)

Melvita (1 products)

Mustela (1 products)

MyChelle (1 products)

Naked Turtle (2 products)

Nature's Gate (5 products)

NIA24 (1 products)

Nine Naturals (1 products)

Nurture My Body (1 products)

Poofy Organics (2 products)

Radical Skincare (1 products)

Raw Elements USA (3 products)

RevaleSkin (1 products)

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen (1 products)

Safe Harbor (2 products)

Sensitive Skin Clinic (1 products)

Seventh Generation (1 products)

SkinCeuticals (1 products)

Solar Protection Formula (1 products)

Solbar (1 products)

Star Naturals (2 products)

Substance (3 products)

Sun Bum (1 products)

Sunology (3 products)

Suntegrity Skincare (2 products)

sunumbra (5 products)

Sweetsation Therapy (1 products)

The Honest Company (2 products)

thinkbaby (1 products)

thinksport (2 products)

Tropical Sands (4 products)

TruBaby (2 products)

True Natural (8 products)

TruKid (5 products)

UV Natural (3 products)

Vanicream (5 products)

Yes To Cucumbers (1 products)

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EWG provides information on sunscreen products from the published scientific literature, to supplement incomplete data available from companies and the government. The ratings indicate both efficacy and the relative level of concern posed by exposure to the ingredients in this product - not the product itself - compared to other sunscreens. The ratings reflect potential health hazards but do not account for the level of exposure or individual susceptibility, factors which determine actual health risks, if any. Learn more | Legal Disclaimer